Analog & Digital Planning

I would be lying if I said I didn’t use any digital apps to help organize my days. I am a lover of both print and technology and I’ve found ways to integrate analog and digital into my daily life.

It’s obvious enough that for analog planning, I use my Bullet Journal. There is something satisfying being able to flip through pages earlier in the year and reflect and see the ink leave its traces on the pages.
My bullet journal is the perfect agenda because I can tailor it to my needs on a month to month basis. Over the last few months, my monthly spreads are welcomed with a monthly header, calendar, tracking of my habits and mood, gratitude log, and my glorified to-do lists.

This is something I write in almost every single day and are more personal to my personal life and Dear Joie. My daily spreads include an affirmation of the day, how I stayed connected - since we are currently in quarantine, how I focused on my goals, and then the task list. I don’t often add tasks related to client work unless they somehow intertwine with my personal schedule.

The one thing I absolutely love is how fluid the daily spreads are; some times, you’ll find random doodles or ideas in big words that I’d like to highlight and look back on.

Bullet Journaling has also been a great momento for me. I’ve been bullet journaling since 2016 and it’s been amazing not only seeing how much things have changed - or not - but also my progress as an individual. It’s been fulfilling seeing how far I’ve come and really allows me to be grateful for all the blessings in my life.

I never liked combining Dear Joie and my personal to-dos with my work. I think it just adds a different energy that shouldn’t be co-existing and dwindling too much into your bubble. So that now moves us onto the digital organization.

More recently, I started shifting my "work" bullet journal to digital aspects. I was working a job for a few months where I wasn’t always working out of one office, I was constantly on the go and having to carry around a journal and laptop just wasn’t cutting it.

I needed to make things more efficient. Feel me?

Now that I’m self-employed but still doing freelance marketing for clients, these processes have just stuck - some new aps, some that I’ve been using over the last few years.

Here is my secret sauce, my absolute favourite apps that keep me on top of my game.


  1. Agenda - I use this ap to take notes. It’s literally a digital notebook or even a glorified notes app. You can build multiple projects then tie in Categories into each project which is where you take your notes. Your calendar can integrate into it. You can build check lists. It even syncs to iCloud/Dropbox, so you can seamlessly hop from your desktop to phone.

  2. Spark Mail - This is one of the best mailing apps, I have ever used. It’s extremely function and simple to use. My favourite part about it, is being able to 'pin' emails - essentially this is just to add an email to your favourites but how I like to use this is pinning all the important emails with deadlines/reminders and when I’ve checked it off. It gets unpinned and moved to the trash - unless it's that important it needs to be filled away. Spark integrates with tons of apps, your calendar, Trello, Evernote, asana, the list goes on and on.

  3. Grammarly - I may be born and raised in Canada, but my English is actually shit. It also doesn’t hurt to have AI doing grammar and spelling checks on everything you write. And you bet, this has been optimized on Grammarly. The only downfall to using Grammarly, this AI bot doesn't know how YOU like to talk, it doesn't have the emotion you do. So I really only use this to make sure everything translates properly in terms of spell check, punctuation, grammar. 

  4. Slack - Not everyone uses Slack but I think its so fantastic. In a perfect world, all of my clients would be on here. It’s great for projects that have multiple people, even departments. It removes the hassle of emailing nonessential things and losing text messages.

  5. Calendar App - This is probably an unpopular opinion but I have yet to find a better calendar app than what’s provided for Apple users - it just works seamlessly. I use my calendar app to schedule in all my meetings - zoom call or in person. As much as I’d love to say I am self sufficient without notifications, I definitely need a nudge here and there.

That concludes my analog and digital workflows. I’d love to hear more about how you create more of an efficient workflow. Are you mostly analog or digital? I'm also always looking for more apps to keep me efficient, let me know down below if you have any favs! 




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