Our Commitment to the Environment

Creating products with the environment in mind, that you can feel good about.

Dear Joie's commitment is to provide contemporary goods that you can feel good about. From the design to the fulfillment process, you can be assured that we have the environment in mind - every step of the way.

Our initiative is to have Dear Joie, a 100% environmental friendly company by the end of 2020. As of June 2020, we are at 80%. 

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If there is something that gets us as excited as crafting jewelry and stationery, it is branding. We strive to create packaging that packs a punch with impressions - a plus, we are at 100% with environmentally friendly packaging, purchasing items that are all made with recycled content. 

To the compost bin: 

  • Clear polybag your jewelry or notebook comes packaged in
  • Black compost shipping bag

To the recycle bin:

  • Bubble wrap 
  • Tissue paper
  • Cardboard mailer (if your order didn't come in the black compost shipping bag) TIP: we like to save and re-use these but feel free to recycle!
  • Postcard
  • Business card



All of our notebooks are made with paper certified by the Rainforest Alliance Program for FSC Standards. They are manufactured with green-e certified energy, containing at least 100% post-consumer waste recycled fibre: elemental Chlorine Free (EFC) and Process Chlorine Free (PCF).

*The only exception is the Grey Covers, we are actively looking for environmentally friendly options.

Dear Joie Notebooks


We are currently transitioning to become fully operational with recycled metals, but before we can invest in more inventory, we must finish our existing materials. We anticipate finishing our existing supply of metals by December 2020 before we start purchasing metals that are recycled. By using recycled metal, does not mean the quality of your jewelry will not be affected, in fact you won't even be able to tell!

Dear Joie - Lila Earring Handcrafted Sterling Silver 14kt Gold Fill


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