Setting intentions for your new journal

Notebooks are meant to be written in. They are waiting for your thoughts to fill the page.  Don’t let the sheets of paper collect dust or feel left unloved just because it's too pretty to write in. The pages yearn for your touch. 

When you're ready to start using your notebook, start by writing your intention - why you want to use this book, what you want it to help you achieve. Or maybe it's just as merely adding a start date because what better time to start a new goal or writing daily intentions then now. I think it's so important to set an intention, so it can also help you stay accountable. 

This is exactly why the first page of our notebooks are two simple lines, waiting for you to harness the joy in your life. It's not meant to overcomplicate things either. Here are a few keywords I like to use whenever I start a new notebook for journaling:

Mindful Rituals
Wellness Intentions
I'm the Real Deal (For real, set those affirmations)
Random thoughts, Nowhere where to go

Dear Joie Bindery - Environmentally Friendly Notebooks. Embrace Joy.



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