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About Us

Dear Joie is a bespoke collection of stationery and jewelry that you can feel good about. We help provide a better tomorrow by equipping children in developing countries the tools for a better tomorrow. 

While being environmentally conscious, paper choices that are 100% recycled from zero-carbon emission mill. We are currently in the process of shifting all of our metals in our jewelry studio to be recycled metals. With every purchase, you are helping make a positive impact in the world we call home.

All jewelry and stationery is designed and handcrafted in their studio in Calgary, Canada. 

About the designer, Amanda Delos Reyes

Amanda - Dear Joie
Amanda has been making jewelry since 2014. You may have previously known her brand as Joie de Cristaux, French for Joy of Crystals. What started off as a therapeutic hobby to help cope with health issues she had been going through, six years ago, has now become her full-time gig. She left behind her corporate life as a Marketing & Administrative professional, to earn back her own time on her own terms.

Amanda believes that jewelry is the most intimate belonging a person can have because it is the closest product to the skin. The same goes for notebooks; it's just as personal as your thoughts and goals appear on the pages; there is no other keeper of secrets like your journal. 

How did you come up with the name Dear Joie? 
Two years into my jewelry business, I found a system that helped me combine three notebooks (planner, drawings, and journal) - this system is known as the Bullet Journal. I became quickly obsessed and had to share the pages of my bullet journal. I didn't want to spam my jewelry page, so I brainstormed and came up with Dear Joie, which tied in the element of my previous brand, 'Joie de Cristaux'.  Dear Joy, would be the English translation. Joy holds so dearly to me, because in 2014, I finally found what gave me such comfort, making jewelry. Jewelry making ultimately changed me and made me strive to be better.

Why jewelry and stationery?

As I've shared, jewelry was my saving grace, but stationery and planning was my first true love. Jewelry and stationery go hand in hand with my story. 
In 2014, I was going through a lot of hardships—one of them being my health. I found a beautiful Aquamarine stone that I couldn't stop thinking about as a necklace. I disliked the wire cages that you could stick your crystal into and add a chain. I found some wire to test and quickly found a little hobby I couldn't stop doing - wire wrapping crystals. I focused on a very minimal wirewrap, careful not to take away from the beauty of the crystal itself.
I found myself more intrigued working with metals and fabricating jewelry, that I put myself into a course to learn the basics of soldering and becoming a metalsmith. In 2018, I decided to go forward with minimal pieces; crystal jewelry still appears in our collection. 

As for stationery...

In 2019, I started to have wrist issues and making jewelry wasn't helping with the pain - so I began to take a break but quickly found that my hands could not sit still. I found myself in a Youtube hole one night and stumbled on bookbinding - I thought, I could do this - the wrist movements aren't as minuscule as jewelry making, and the rest is history.