Tahiti Candle

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Bohéme is a luxurious clean-burning, all-natural, non-toxic candle and fragrance brand whose seductively partnered with a world-renowned boutique fragrance house to craft scents that evoke a love for adventure and travel. Bohéme' muse is a bohemian woman, adventurous, spirited, and always true to herself. 


TOP: sea salt, ozone, hibiscus leaf
MIDDLE: frangipani, tiare, strawberry, gardenia, coconut
BASE: driftwood, white amber, musk


8.5 oz | 240 g
100% all natural vegan wax + Cotton Wick
Clean Burning, Phthalate Free, Sustainable.
50-hour burn time

The distance between Tahiti and the rest of the world is measured in more than miles. It’s a place that calls to the Bohéme Woman’s adventurous spirit and open heart, where black sand beaches and majestically verdant mountains speak to a more natural balance between humanity and the earth. A late afternoon breeze wafts through her sunlit bungalow over clear blue waters. Sea-salted winds carry a sweetly tropical floral bouquet, touched with a hint of native fruits. The air glows with the warmth of sun-kissed skin, whispering of another day in harmony with nature. As the sun dips below the horizon, she surrenders her senses to bathe in the colorful Tahitian twilight.